Yacht Armor

Become a certified installer

Becoming a Certified Installer

The 2 day training class in Clearwater, FL involves one-on-one hands on training. Classes are personalized and small in size, so that we can accommodate each installers needs.

We will go over the following topics below:

  • Types of Marine Protection Film
  • Tools required
  • How to install the film using various techniques.
  • Sales & Pricing
  • Dealer Portal Training

Hands on with

Marine Protection Film

Learn the techniques necessary to provide the first Marine Protection Film.

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Below is an outline of our itinerary. The dates for your class will be preselected *If you haven't received a date please contact us.

Class will run from 8AM - 5PM. Lunch will be provided.

Day 1

  • Types of Marine Protection Film
  • Tools of the trade
  • Techniques
  • Hands on training

Day 2

  • Outboard Kits & Screen Protectors
  • Sales & Pricing Strategies
  • Dealer Portal Training
  • Yacht Armor Certification Test


Sportfishing Yachts

Learn the ins & outs of how to tackle the various areas on a Sportfishing Yacht. *Hullsides, Masks, Transoms, and more.

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Meet Your Hosts

Dan Kashtan

Over 10 years of experience installing PPF in the automotive industry. Dan has Mastered the most hands on techniques necessary to be successful in the Marine Industry. Vast knowledge in bulking, scanning, and digitizing.

Michael Marino

Vast knowledge and hands on skills in the marine industry as a whole with an eye for finish work. With an MBA in Project Management he will provide you with the necessary business skills to grow and scale your business!